6 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a very common condition that people acquire when they get close to a poison ivy plant. Poison Ivy contains urushiol, which the plant uses to protect itself from foraging animals. However, urushiol is very harmful to humans and is a skin irritant. Some people may not be affected by poison ivy even if they are in direct contact while others can just look at poison ivy and contract the irritating and itchy rashes associated with poison ivy. For those who are blessed with the ability to contract poison ivy… have no fear, there are some natural home remedies that can help your poison ivy symptoms and also treat the skin condition as well. Here are the top home remedies for poison ivy.


Oatmeal – is a very common home remedy used to help with the treatment and helps with the symptoms of poison ivy. The oatmeal provides not only the soothing sensation to the affected area or areas but also leaves a white powdery finish that helps dry out the poison ivy rashes and speeds up the treatment rate. You can use oatmeal in two different ways, an oatmeal bath or applying an oatmeal paste to the affected area or areas. Use the bath method, simply pour a whole box of oatmeal into the warm bath water and soak in the bath for at least 20-30 minutes. Make sure that when you get out of the bathtub that you do not dry yourself off, leaving the powdery residue will help dry out the rashes more quickly. You can also try the other method by applying oatmeal directly to the rashes. In this method you will want to mix 3 cups of oats is a bowl of boiling water. The oatmeal and water will create a paste-like consistency. When the paste is warm enough to tolerate, apply the paste to the affected areas. You can also add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to also help with itching. Using the oatmeal home remedy provides you with instant relief from itching almost immediately.

Baking Soda
Baking Soda

– This is a classic and commonly used home remedy to help with the symptoms of poison ivy as well as helps treat poison ivy outbreaks as well. Like the oatmeal, you can form a paste out of baking soda and then apply it to the affected area or areas. Take three teaspoons of baking soda and mix it with one teaspoon of clean sterile water. This will form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the rashes and allow the paste to dry. This helps treat the watery blisters and also helps alleviate the itching sensation.

goldenseal root

Goldenseal – Another home remedy that you can try to treat your poison ivy is by using a skin wash with Goldenseal. In this home remedy, you will need to mix a tablespoon of powdered goldenseal root with a cup of lukewarm to hot water. This will make a paste similar to oatmeal and baking soda. After the mixture cools down apply the goldenseal treatment to all the affected areas. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and also rapidly dries up the poison ivy blisters and rashes. Note that this home remedy can also be used in cases of poison oak and can provide instant itching relief.

Salt and Aloe Vera Aloe Vera – This is a home remedy that has been used for many years and has been proved to be very effective in the treatment of poison ivy. There are however a couple of steps to go by when performing this home remedy. You will first want to wash the affected area or areas with rubbing alcohol and then wash the area with soap and warm water. Then you will pour plain table salt onto all the affected areas and leave it on the rashes for 5-10 minutes. The salt not only will help to reduce the chance of the poison ivy spreading but also helps with any other further infections as well as helps with itching relief as well. After you have let the salt stand on the rashes you will then wash off the salt from the affected areas and apply a heavy coat of Aloe Vera onto the rashes. This will provide you with immediate cooling as well as provides you with instant relief to itching and also to any burning sensations.

Banana Peels

Banana Peels

– This is another home remedy that has been tested and proven to provide you with instant itching relief. Simply take the peels from a banana and rub the inner side of the peel of the banana over the affected area or areas. You will be surprised in the instant and immediate relief you receive by using this home remedy.



Vitamins – Vitamin C and E help dramatically in the treatment of poison ivy. Both Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be taken in large doses and acts as a detoxifier and an antihistamine. What you will want to do in this home remedy is dissolve a Vitamin C or E tablet in warm water and then washing the affected areas. By squeezing the juice from a lemon or orange is also an effective wash to use. Just simply dabbing the mixture on the affected areas does the trick as well.

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