Butterfly Garden Design

butterfly meal
A butterfly meal

Creating a butterfly garden design is another wonderful way to enjoy nature in your yard and garden. Like birds, creating gardens that will attract butterflies is as easy as putting out plants, water features, and housing areas designed just for them.

The Best

One of the best kinds of plants you can have in a butterfly garden is a butterfly bush. These grow quite fast and large though, so you’ll need to make sure you have room before planting them.


It’s not uncommon for a butterfly bush to grow four feet or more in a year, so if you have friends or family who already grow them, you may want to consider taking a cutting from theirs to get yours started. Butterfly bushes come in a variety of colors too, so you’ll be able to pick and choose your favorites, or colors that compliment the rest of your garden design.
Use a Weed for The Butterflies

butterfly weed

butterfly weed

Another excellent plant to put in your garden which works wonderfully for attracting butterflies is called a butterfly weed. These are much smaller than the bushes, so they can be grown in small garden spaces or patio containers. For a short video on butterfly weed click here.

Create Their Habitat

There is a wide variety of plants and flowers which will attract butterflies to your garden. Butterflies like nectar just as hummingbirds do though, so sometimes you can attract both into the same garden. One of the most difficult parts of creating a butterfly garden though is the amount of time you must be patient. Butterflies take time to develop. You must create habitats that are friendly for both the grown butterflies and the larvae caterpillars which will emerge from the eggs they lay.

Now for the Caterpillars

Monarch caterpillar
Monarch caterpillar

Once the eggs hatch too, your new caterpillars will start eating the host plants too. Many gardeners who aren’t familiar with this cycle will sometimes think something is wrong with their garden when they see spots caterpillars have been feeding on, so the Spray chemicals thinking that the plants have some Kind of bug or disease. If you spray the plants of course though, you’ll usually kill the caterpillars. And if you do that of course, you won’t end up with any butterflies.

Butterfly Houses

Butterfly House
Now in addition to putting plants and flowers in your garden to attract butterflies, there are little butterfly houses you can buy for both decoration and functionality too. Like birdhouses, butterfly houses will provide butterflies safe and comfortable places to live, nest, and lay eggs. So providing these in your garden is almost guaranteed to start helping you build an active butterfly community in your yard.

They Need Water

Birdbath for birds and butterflies
Birdbath for birds and butterflies
Butterflies like water features too though, so be sure you’re providing this in an easily accessible area of your butterfly garden. If you don’t mind having different wildlife using the same things in your garden, you’ll probably be fine using a birdbath for both birds and butterflies. Birdbath for birds and butterflies. Just be sure to clean it out regularly without soap or chemicals, so it will stay a healthy and fun place for the wildlife to bath, drink, and play.

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