Different Types Hydroponics Systems

There are several different types hydroponics systems you can choose when you want to garden hydroponically. The one you choose will largely depend on how far you want to take your gardening. You will often hear about the following:

Homemade systems:

These are hydroponic systems that you build yourself using plans that you can download online or find in books. These are often recommended for starting out or for small scale gardening.

Turn key systems:

These are the kits that you can order and have delivered to your home. These are usually the most expensive, but they are very simple to set up and easy to learn how to maintain. These are great for those who already know a little bit about hydroponics and wish to expand their own hydroponic gardening.

Small kits:

You can also buy small kits that will get your garden started. These range in size and price and may be easy or harder to operate depending on how it works.

Types of kits that you can buy:

As mentioned there are all sorts of kits that you can buy. These will range a great deal in price and size, but the idea is the same. You will purchase these kits that will get you started with a basic garden or crop. It will come with everything you need to get you started. The kits are generally easy to set up and start. There is usually no special equipment you will need right away to get it started.

The following are all popular hydroponic kits that you can buy from online stores and garden centers that specialize in hydroponic gardening:

Aero Garden & Aero Garden Deluxe:Aero Garden

These are two very popular kits that are widely used by people who are interested in experimenting with hydroponics. This kit will allow you to grow all sorts of fresh vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, and even a variety of herbs. It is small enough to fit in your kitchen, giving you a year round fresh supply of your favorite veggie.

The Deluxe version is a little larger and has twice the light intensity, which will make the plants grow much faster. The deluxe versions will also allow you to grow full sized vegetables and larger plants such as large tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150-$200 for one of these kits. The kits are widely available online and through stores that carry hydroponic supplies and equipment.


AeroGarden Pro:

aerogarden pro

This is another version of the AeroGarden and AeroGarden Deluxe. However, this system is a bit larger and give you a microprocessor controlled AGI (Adaptive Growth Intelligence). This will monitor the growth of the plant from germination to advanced growth. This kit will automatically adjust the nutrient delivery and the light cycles so your plants will get just what they need when they need it. This technology will maximize your crop yields. 


Ebb & Gro System:

Ebb & Gro System

This hydroponic kit is a multi-pot growing system and is considered the most versatile of these types of hydroponic kits. You will get 12 growing pots with the basic kit and you have the ability to expand that to up to 48 pots. This will allow you to move your pots around or grow a multitude of plants varieties in one system. It is consistently rated as a top rated hydroponic system.


Power Plant Deluxe:

Power Plant Deluxe

As the technology improves for hydroponic gardening, new kits are constantly being introduced to the consumer. One of the newer kits is the Power Plant Deluxe. This comes with everything you need to get started including a power grow lamp and bulb. The unique feature of this grow system is that it has a rotating surface that will give your plants the nutrients they need. It controls the watering so you don’t have to worry about over watering or giving the plants too much nutrients at one time. This is considered a no fail way to garden using hydroponics. 



Rainforest Aeroponic Systems:

Rainforest Aeroponic Systems

Aeroponics, which is similar to hydroponics, can also be grown from a kit. This kit will allow you to start and cultivate up to 18 small plants or up to 90 cuttings. It comes with a vortex sprayer that will lift and provide oxygen to your plants when needed. There is another system similar to this one called the Rainforest 66 Aeroponic kit. This one is similar but will grow larger sized plants. 


Waterfarm Complete System:

Waterfarm Complete System

This is a new hydroponic kit that is built using high impact plastic, which will give you long-lasting performance both indoor and outdoors. It is shaped in a square and that design will give you maximum efficiency when packing your plants. The kit comes with an air pump, growing container, reservoir, pump column, grow rocks and bottles of nutrients.

The WaterFarm 8-pak system is similar and uses a large reservoir of 13 gallons. This is a highly rated growing system for larger plants.




The Ecogrower is another hydroponic system that will allow you to incorporate an air driven drip system (also called the spider system. It features six inserts that holds pots up to six inches in diameter. This can also be fitted to grow very large plants. 




Along the same lines as the Ecogrower, is the Eurogrower. This system is perfect for someone that is new to growing with a hydroponic system. It is a simple and easy to learn method of hydroponic gardening. This kit comes with a 40 gallon reservoir, eight buckets, CocoTek bricks, Hydroton, a pH kit, a timer and a flora kit that will get you started with your gardening.


AeroFlo 20 System:

AeroFlo 20 System

This is a system that looks a little different from other hydroponic systems. Instead of around planting area or pot, it is rectangular in shape. This kit is highly recommended for those who are growing small plants and vegetables such as small tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and kitchen herbs. This kit is not recommended for plants that have a tendency to grow more than three feet tall. With this kit, you will get everything that you need to get you started. 

You can also purchase the Aeroflo 30. This is a more compact version and will allow you to grow smaller plants using a high performance system. It will grow plants that are up to three feet high.


Easy2Grow Autopots:

Easy2Grow Autopots

These are brand new and are full kits that will allow you to grow your favorite small plants right from your home. These are self watering, which means that you do not have to remember to water your plants every day. These also do not run on electricity, so you can use these kits almost anywhere. The kits cost about $80, which makes them quite cost effective to the beginner. These are also perfect for the lazy gardener or gardeners that are busy and do not want to commit to watering every single day. If you are planning on traveling while growing crops, you can count on this kit to work well for you while you are away.


Emily’s Garden

Emily’s Garden:Want to try your hand at hydroponics? Do you have a child that is interested in learning these wonderful gardening techniques? If so, this kit might be the right choice for you.

Emily’s Garden comes with everything you need to get started. You will soon have the ability to grow small plants such as small tomatoes, herbs and peppers. You can even try certain flowers with this kit.

Hydrofarm Mega Garden:

Hydrofarm Mega Garden

Another very easy to use kit, the Hydrofarm Mega Garden kit will have you growing your favorite plants in no time at all. This is a compact and versatile kit that will allow you to grow up to 15 plants. The system measures 24”x24”, which is much smaller from other system of the same capacity. This kit comes with a pump, nutrient, pH kit, pots, and growrocks. This is a good kit for someone that does not have a lot of space.


Vortex Sprayer:

Vortex Sprayer

The Vortex Sprayer is another hydroponic system that is quite popular. This kit has all the items you need to get a good yield on your plants. You will find that this sprayer will create a highly powerful eddy that lifts and sprays the nutrients to your plants giving them all the water and nutrition they need to thrive for you. There are several brands and types of Vortex sprayers—each one unique to your own use. These are wonderful additions to the hydroponic garden.

As you can see, there are many different types hydroponics systems kits that you can purchase for your hydroponic gardening. The one you will buy will certainly depend on how much gardening you intend on doing and what type of yield you want to accomplish. There are store-bought kits available for every budget in every price range and for every gardener’s needs.

Before you pay good money for one of these kits, take your time to look at them and compare the features of each one. You will find that most of them will come with everything that you need to get you started, however, keep in mind that there will be additional expenses for your garden as you continue.


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