DIY Hydroponic Gardening


So, you are interested in tackling the world of hydroponics, but you are not too sure about buying an expensive kit. The good news is that you do not have to. You can get plenty of hydroponic plans that will allow you to make your very own hydroponic system out of common items that you may already have, or from things that are easily obtained.

There are several ways to go about building a hydroponic system. The type of system that you build will depend on what you want.

Do you want a small system that grows herbs or cherry tomatoes on your kitchen counter?

Is your child needing a very basic system for school experiment or science project?

Do you already have the hydroponics know-how and are interested in doing more with your garden?

How much time and money are you willing to spend to acquire and build the system for your gardening needs?

Perhaps you already have a kit and now you want to expand. With a DIY hydroponics kit you can do all of these things in no time at all.

You can save your money and build a system that will work for your unique needs. If you have a large greenhouse and want to fill it with all of your favorite flowers, herbs and vegetables, you can do this by building your very own hydroponic system. There are no limits to what you can build when you do it yourself.

What are the various ways that you can go about building a hydroponic system?

Where can you get plans for them?

Let’s explore some of these questions.

Getting the plans:

Many people want to build their own hydroponic gardening system wonder how they can get started. The first step is to determine which system is right for you and then begin your search for plans. There are many plans to choose from—from very small systems to large ones that will fill a greenhouse.

Which plan is right for you?

Here is a closer look at the various plans that you can get to build a hydroponics gardening system.

Dutch pot:

Dutch pot system

A Dutch pot system is also called the Bato bucket hydroponics system. This system is especially good for people that love to grow roses and vegetables. It is an easy to build system that you assemble out of planters filled with the growing medium. This type of system is often called the “poor man’s hydroponics” because it takes common and easy to find items to build it. You will find that this system is lightweight and does a very efficient job at growing your favorite plants.

In order to build this type of system, you will need items such as BATO buckets, PVC pipe, pipe fittings, feed line, a water pump, PVC fittings, a riser, drippers, end camps, and Perlite. There are many plans that you can find online that will give you step by step instructions and help you get started with this project. If you want an easy to build project, this is the way to go.

Hydroponic bubbling planter:

Hydroponic bubbling planter

Another inexpensive and easy to build hydroponic planting system is the Hydroponic bubbling planter. This is a very simple system that works by bathing the plant roots in oxygen infused nutrient. This nutrient stays contained within the planter, making your job much easier. The roots are exposed to a lot of oxygen and this causes rapid growth in plants.

With this system, you can build it with easy to find materials. These materials include a plastic container such as a paint bucket or storage container, several thick plastic cups, an air pump, an air stone similar to those used in aquariums, air tubing, and growing media.

These DIY plans are simple to follow and are widely available on the Internet and in hydroponic books and magazines.

Lettuce Raft System:

Lettuce Raft System

If you love having fresh green lettuce in your home year round, then you may want to consider a lettuce raft system. As with all other do it yourself hydroponic systems, you can choose from a variety of plans to help you.

You will find that this type of system is very easy to build and use and that the parts that it requires are cheap and easy to acquire. This system operates by floating plants above an oxygen infused bath of nutrients, which allows the roots to grow fast and more efficiently.

You can use this system to grow lettuce and herbs for your kitchen.

When you are ready to build this one, you will need a plastic tub or container, nutrients, and a power pump.

Creating your own system:

Of course, you can follow these plans to build your own hydroponic system, but once you get the hang of how to garden this way, you can create your very one style and make a unique hydroponic system.

Look at the plans that are out there and see what is different and similar to each one.

Figure out how large or small you want your system to end up and then construct your plans. You know that you will need a few key parts to make it work correctly.

These include:

  1. Growing medium
  2. Plastic tub or container
  3. Air pump
  4. Air tubing
  5. Nutrients

After you have decided how you want your system to run and how you want it to look, you can begin experimenting with your system.

Many gardeners like to rely on systems they have built themselves. Home made systems are often more reliable and they are much cheaper than the kits that you will buy. In addition, many of the items you need are easy to find at your local home improvement store.

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