Gardening Equals Better Stress Eating Habits

stress eating

The way to find a solution to unhealthy stress eating is to give yourself a better option with your food selection. Most people actually do want to eat healthily. But when it’s the end of the day and you know the streets are packed with traffic and the stores are a madhouse, you’ll be more resistant to want to leave your home or work to go in search of healthy eating options.

Instead, what you can do is make it easy to have good stress eating habits. That might sound strange at first, that you can indulge in stress eating. It’s not the eating that’s the problem, it’s what you eat and if you change what you eat, then stress eating isn’t bad for you.

Even if you use it as a way to feel better. What you can do is to get involved with gardening. If you’re thinking that gardening would raise your stress level, you’d be wrong.

Gardening is known as a relaxing hobby 

It will offer a ton of benefits in return for the effort you do put into it. It’s not like it used to be in the old days when gardening was a back-breaking, all day, week in, week out affair.

Now, there are tons of different choices you can make with gardening. You don’t have to let it be something that soaks up all of your time and energy. Gardening is something that can be done easily and you’ll discover that it’s something you enjoy.

You can find books that will teach you about gardening from the set up all the way to the time to harvest whatever it is that you’ve planted. These step by step instructions can walk a beginner through it.

You can use methods like slow gardening if you want to. You can choose to plot out an area of your backyard for gardening and there are books that will teach you about the soil as well as the type of irrigation that you’ll need to have in order to grow things well.

But not everyone wants to use the backyard method for gardening. If that’s the case, you have options like tier planters that you can use. These planters can be placed right on a deck or on a patio and you can garden with ease.

The reason that you want to get into gardening

Is to help you with stress eating is that you can replace the unhealthy food choices you’ve been making. Studies have shown that people will eat healthier if food is readily available.

When it’s something that you grow yourself, you have direct access to the healthier, homegrown foods at any time. That means that you eat better than you normally would when stress eating.

Natural foods are packed with vitamins and minerals and the nutrients that you need for good health. They’re much lower in both calories and fat content. So you’ll be able to consume more and not gain weight as you would on high sugar, high fat stress eating habit.

If you find that you crave sugar with stress eating, you can plant fruits that will appease your sweet tooth. Strawberries, blueberries, and melons are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and will satisfy your desire for something sweet.

You’ll be able to eat without guilt and without gaining weight and causing yourself health problems. Studies have shown that one thing that people crave when they do stress eat is foods that have a crunch to them.

That’s why people will eat far too many chips or crackers when they’re stressed. It’s not so much the food as the crunch that’s associated with eating it. You can plant foods that give you the same crunch.

Foods like carrots can help

You will feel full while giving you the crunch you’re looking for. Best of all with gardening for stress eating is that you’ll have healthier foods on hand for any chaotic moment in life.

You won’t have to run out to the store when you feel the need to stress eat. You can turn to your own garden. Not only will you discover that you’re eating healthier, but you’ll experience the emotional and mental satisfaction that comes along with eating something that you’ve grown.

And another good side to gardening is that you’ll be saving money on your vegetables and fruits over what you were paying at the grocery store for the unhealthy food choices.

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