Get Vitamin D with Gardening and Boost Your Immune System

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Most people think that they get plenty of vitamin D when they drink milk or eat dairy products that contain the vitamin. But vitamin D deficiencies are on the rise and it’s tied into how your body deals with stress.

Whenever you’re under stress, your body starts working to produce cortisol. The more stressed that you are, the more cortisol that you produce. This cycle then affects your vitamin D or rather the way that your body can use the amount of the vitamin that you get.

When there’s more cortisol production in the body, it prohibits the vitamin from being absorbed. So regardless of how much vitamin D you get in milk or dairy products, your body isn’t getting any of the healthy benefits from it.

With a lack of the right amount of vitamin D, you’ll start to feel the effects. A lack of vitamin D has been linked to asthma. It also causes a higher rate of depression because the body isn’t producing the right amount of serotonin.

When you don’t have the right amount of serotonin, you’re more at risk for depression and other emotional upsets. Without a healthy serotonin production, you’ll feel more stressed and the symptoms may be worse.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stop the body from producing high amounts of cortisol that cause you to stay stressed. You have to to get vitamin D and it needs to be absorbed in greater amounts and easier.

The best way to do that is to get outside and start gardening. When you spend time gardening, it relaxes you, allowing the cortisol level to drop. As the cortisol level drops, your body is able to absorb the amount of vitamin D that you get from being out in the sunshine.

With the Absorbing sunshineabsorption of sunshine, your immune system gets a boost even if you’ve been dealing with chronic stress. The benefits of gardening on your immune system shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only is gardening easy and low cost, but it can provide you with healthy foods, a healthier body, and a mind that’s at peace more often than not.

Gardening to Boost Your Immune System

Having a garden can be a work of art. You can plant beautiful flowers that can blossom with color all year round. Or you can have lush, delicious foods that you grow yourself. Your garden will be a haven for you, but more than that, it can give your immune system a boost.

You’d be surprised at all the benefits your immune system can gain from spending time in a garden. It’s a great form of exercise, which helps gives your body a surge of energy and hormone release.

Avoid the Hygiene Hypothesis Through Gardening

There are all sorts of warnings out on staying healthy. These warnings contain a laundry list of what you should avoid so that you don’t get sick, you protect your immune system and you don’t become burdened with stress.

The Hygiene Hypothesis is based on the belief that you can live a life so free of bacteria and illnesses that it actually worsens your immune system. You end up catching whatever it is that’s going around because your immune system isn’t strong enough.

When you add stress to the picture, your immune system undergoes even more depletion and it gets harder and harder to bounce back each time you get sick – each time you get stressed out.

The reason that all of this is coming to a head in today’s society is that we’re living in a world that’s worked hard to eradicate anything that can make us sick. Because of that, our immune systems don’t have a chance to flex their muscles, so to speak.

Any muscle, any part of your body that’s not activated on a regular basis, will automatically become weaker. When your immune system isn’t put to the test, when it isn’t pushed into activation mode, it doesn’t work as well.

It becomes puny. The eroding of the immune system is caused by the cleanliness in which we live our lives. There is hand soap containing anti-bacterial agents. Shampoos that fight bacteria can be purchased.

Antibiotics are given before surgery “just in case” and they’re prescribed by dentists and doctors to “ward off” anything that might make you sick. With the Hygiene Hypothesis, you’ll see that studies show that the problem of not letting the immune system has a regular work out contributes to many illnesses and common ailments.

When you work hard to prevent bacteria and germs from touching your life, you’re more at risk for things like allergies, asthma, and skin conditions. Many studies suggest that the reason for the growing number of allergy diagnosis in kids is because the immune system doesn’t get a chance to fight off things when it’s over-protected.

When your system is over-protected, you can also end up having to fight the same illnesses repeatedly. When you add stress to the mix, your poor immune system just can’t handle what’s going on.

That’s why you need to forget about avoiding every kind of bacteria – because not all of them are bad for you. In fact, some of the bacteria help you and without it in your life, you simply won’t be as strong and you won’t be able to fight off illnesses or stress the way that it was intended for you too.

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