Herb Container Gardening Ideas

herbs of thyme and basil
herbs of thyme and basil growing in their own container.

The vast majority of gardens out there contain some types of herbs in them. Now, while most of the herbs can be found outside somewhere, there are millions of people who throw their herbs into containers and grow them on window sills and on their back patios. If you want to know exactly how to plant and grow a great herb garden, keep reading the tips below for some solid info on the subject.

Container Drainage

The one thing you want to focus on when looking for a planter is drainage. Just because the soil looks dry on the surface doesn’t mean that it’s dry underneath. Unless your container has proper drainage, your roots are going to become overly saturated and your plants are going to die. Most containers will have good drainage, but you should still look around and ask about which planters do the best job at draining.

Potting Soil

You can always grab some dirt from the backyard and hope for the best, but if you really want to get the most out of your herb garden, then you should definitely consider picking up a bag of high-quality potting soil. The good thing about planting inside of a container is that you won’t need a lot of soil. You can buy one medium-sized bag and probably get at least a dozen planters worth of soil out of it. One word to always remember: Quality!

When to Water

As a general rule of thumb, you should be watering your plants at least once per day. But depending on the size of the container and the particular types of plants you have, you may find that they actually need more water in order to thrive. Do a little bit of research on the types of herbs you’re trying to grow. You will quickly figure out which herbs need more water than others. Also, make sure to water those larger containers more.

Light Requirements

It’s important that the light requirements of the herbs are similar if you want to have them in similar spots. If they’re not similar, then you’re going to be playing musical chairs most of the time with your planters. This can become quite tedious and you may end up forgetting the cycle. But if you’re leaving similar plants clumped together, you can just leave them in the same spot with no worries.

Inside or Outside?

If you have enough room outside to place the planters, then your plants will definitely thank you for the natural elements and the natural, unimpeded sunlight. However, some plants are going to do better inside of the home depending on the climate. Again, this is something you’ll need to check out on your own and per the particular plant you’re trying to grow. Every plant has slightly different needs.


The best thing about planting a herb garden in containers is that it’s a very low-cost, low-maintenance way to have fresh, tasty herbs around the year. With just a little bit of work and a small investment, you can have a spectacular herb garden indoors or outdoors.

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