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This also adds value to your home besides the pride of beauty.
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Home Curb Appeal  is almost always centered around how your lawn and garden areas look. Yes, there are things you can to do spruce up the look of your home itself – such as painting the house or trim, and cleaning the driveway surface and walkways – but the majority of your outdoor beautifying relies on how well your yard and gardens look.

Thankfully making your yard look pretty is usually very simple and easy. It can take time if you’re starting with a dirt lot, but you can speed that up by putting in ready-made lawns, and flowers which are already showing colorful flower blooms. So let’s take a look at the best steps to take with your lawn and garden to create beautiful curb appeal quickly.

1. Clean up

junk cars-on-lawn The first step to making the outside of your home look beautiful is to simply clean up a bit. Make sure you don’t have any old appliances or broken down cars sitting around in plain view for instance unless you’re planning to turn them into a decorative garden accent of some kind. Also, be sure to pick up any trash that may have blown into your yard the last time it was windy.

2. Trim up.

If you have grass – or even weeds – already growing in your yard, you can make things look 100% better simply by trimming it all up well. Cut the grass evenly, then use a weed trimmer to get all the edges, borders, nooks, and crannies trimmed too. Don’t forget to trim the weeds growing up the walls of your home, or around the mailbox post too. And last but not least, use your weed trimmer to do some edging around the sidewalks, driveway, or street-side curb. Edging is simply a process of cutting all the grass and weeds back from the concrete in a straight line, so nothing is creeping over onto the walkways and street areas.

3. Build a Lawn

starter sod

If you have a dirt lot or your yard has little to no grass in it and you want to have a beautiful lawn, all you need to do is lay down some starter sod. You can buy sod in squares or rolls at your local lawn and garden center, and all you do is lay it out across your yard area, then water it well. You’ll have a beautiful, lush looking lawn right from the start, and the sod pieces will start putting down roots within just a week or two.

4. Make it green

.There are usually two quick and simple ways to make your lawn look extra green and lush. One works within just a day or so, while the other can make the yard look much greener within hours.

The first option is to simply give your yard a good, deep soaking of water. Let the hose or sprinklers run for several hours to be sure the yard has received at least two to three inches or more of water. Giving it a solid soaking like this will usually make it look very green and lush within a day, but sometimes it may take two if the yard was fairly dry, to begin with.

The second option is to use plain dishwashing soap such as Dawn or Palmolive. Don’t use the soap which is for dishwashing machines, use the soap which is used for handwashing dishes. Mix about a teaspoon of the soap into a gallon of water, and put it into a feeder spray attachment which hooks onto your outdoor water hose. Then simply spray the entire yard until the feeder attachment is empty.

If you live in an area of the country where it’s allowed, you can simplify and automate this process by simply running your washing machine drain hose outside. Then each time you wash a load of clothes, your lawn will be watered and made more green at the same time. Note: This process also kills unwanted pests and bugs in the lawn too. Some places call it gray lines.

5. Don’t forget flowers

front with flowers

The last part of sprucing up the curb appeal of your yard is to simply put a few flowers in place. Go to the store and buy some plants which have already started blooming. These can be annuals or perennials, the choice is yours. Then simply plant them into pretty containers and set them on the porch or at the end of your driveway, or plant them. Following the above steps should improve your Home Curb Appeal

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