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soil test done
soil test done at least twice a year

For healthy growth plants need to be feed with plant food. N, P,and K are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash. Just like protein, vitamins, and minerals that we need, plants require these three elements for growth. Your home garden soil testing will improve your garden production.

How Do I Test The Soil?

Look for a test kit with an easy to read system, maybe color-coded. It should be a fast and easy test to help you get the proper ingredients to the garden soil.

There Is A Correct Time To Test Your Soil.

Spring 1st test of the year.
Spring 1st test of the year.
Test on a regular basis, especially during the growing season. At the least, before the Spring and Fall planting.


Elements Of The Soil


green leaves
green leaves provided by nitrogen
Plant nutrition starts with nitrogen. It provides food for green leaves and leaf growth. Without this nutrient the leaves are yellow and the plant will not grow well. If you add too much nitrogen you will get an abundant amount of leaves and delay the blooming. You also get poor fruiting and that plant will most likely get some form of disease.



young plant from seed
young plant from seed
Phosphorus is a must have for the plant. Phosphorus is responsible for seed growth and blooms A lack of this element gets you unhealthy seed growth and if it does grow it will a stunted growth. The good phosphorus does includes good fruit development, wards off disease, and the vitamins will improve.



root system is healthy because of potash
root system is healthy because of potash
Potash helps the plant grow stronger. Both protein and carbohydrates are helped. Flavor of the fruit and the color will be improved. Potash aids in stem strength, cold hardiness, early growth. Without potash, you will see your plants under developed and the roots will not form correctly. Also, the leaves have dead ended, curled, and spotted. The fruit production will be low.


Acidity and Alkalinity- pH

pH scale examples
pH scale examples

You Need To Test Your Soil, Why?

In order for the plants to use correctly the food it receives the soil must have the correct pH. Each variety of plant has its own pH level they do best with. Know that pH. Choose the plants that match the pH preference of your soil or at least gain knowledge of how to supply the plant’s special needs.

What you have accomplished by testing the soil is coming up with the most effective, accurate, and most economical way to please the soil and plants.


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