Hummingbird Garden Plans

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Hummingbird garden plans

If you’ve ever watched tiny hummingbirds hovering around a flower bud, you were probably in awe of them as they hover around a hummingbird garden. These tiny little birds flutter their wings so fast you can hardly see them, and many gardeners feel so strongly about these wonderful little critters that they believe their garden is not complete until they’ve attracted at least one.

Get Those Birds to Visit Your Garden

Attracting hummingbirds to your garden can sometimes be done just by placing a simple hummingbird feeder in a tree, or mounted to the outside of a window. This doesn’t always do the trick though, and there are much better ways to get these tiny little birds coming to your garden regularly. The best way, of course, is to simply create a hummingbird garden.

Porch Gardens

Hummingbird gardens can be small or large. In fact, some people create tiny ones in hanging container plants that are placed on their porch. The whole idea of a hummingbird garden though is to put out plants and flowers which hummingbirds can’t resist.

Hummingbirds Love Color

Hummingbirds like a lot of colors, so when you’re planting bushes or flowers designed to attract them, try putting several of the same color blooms together. This will create a larger patch of color that may be more successful in attracting the hummingbird’s attention.

Buy the Right Plant

Almost any plant which creates flower blooms in a trumpet or fluted shape is usually an excellent hummingbird attracting plant. Use this as a basic rule of thumb when you’re buying plants you’re not familiar with. Hummingbirds are attracted to plants and flowers which don’t have this shape too though. I’ve seen hummingbirds enjoy desert mallow flowers year after year for instance, and these are not fluted or trumpet-shaped.

Hummingbirds do seem to like the color yellow quite a bit, and they also seem to be more drawn to flowers which have a scent to them as well. Esperanza flowers, for instance, are a bright cheery yellow-colored tropical flower with a very light, sweet scent, and hummingbirds seem to love these.

Put a Watering Source in a Safe Location

Birdbath for birds and butterflies
Birdbath for birds and butterflies

Besides planting groups of colorful, scented flowers to attract hummingbirds, you should also put some sort of water source out for them. A birdbath for instance or a small bubbling fountain always works great. Be sure to place your water source away from bushes and trees where cats may hide though, otherwise, you may find yourself watching a daily cat hunt instead of daily fluttering hummingbird wings.

Safe Environment is Essential

father spreading chemical pesticide
father spreading chemical pesticide

When trying to attract hummingbirds to your garden, be sure you’re not using harsh chemicals and insecticides on your flowers because these will kill the birds quickly. In fact, you shouldn’t even add food coloring or other additives to a hummingbird feeder either – all they need is natural nectar, or sugar and water.

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