Is it important to mulch your gardens?

Red cedar mulch
Red cedar mulch

The soil’s health is key to a productive garden. To ensure a healthy soil a good mulch has to be used. The following items can be used as mulch, they decompose and become part of the soil over time.

The ingredients to use as mulch:

  • cardboard
  • old newspapers
  • straw
  • alfalfa
  • sawdust – “not my favorite”
  • chips of wood
  • grass clippings
  • shredded leaves

As soon as the garden space has been prepared, put a layer of mulch of about 2 inches. To plant your crops, seeds, flowers, and seedlings just push the mulch aside and place.

10 key things that mulch performs are:

1. It stops evaporation of the valuable water.

To avoid watering too much and too frequent a good layer of mulch is needed. The conservation of water is something all of us need to start taking heed of. Most of all states have a drought sooner or later and water will be rationed. We are beginning to understand the value of conserving water. Collect rainwater. Mulching is definitely a way of conserving water.

2. It keeps weeds from growing.

A weed is a plant that is not wanted in our landscape

Mulch will keep weeds to a controllable chore. This chore can be backbreaking. Weeds will challenge our plants for water and nutrients.

3. Mulch is Mother Nature’s blanket for the soil.

That blanket will keep the soil cooler.

Why cool soil? The importance of cool soil from applied mulch allows microscopic plants, bacteria, and earthworms to stay active. These microscopic plants, bacteria, and earthworms will not survive in hot dried up soil. Let’s make all these friends to healthy soil live comfortably.

4. Mulch is a regulator of soil temps.

Cold temperatures protect plants with mulch. Cold soil can destroy all your plants.

Remember, during the last heat stress how your plants looked? You will know that the plants are experiencing stress. This is how the plant is trying to survive.

5. Mulch is a provider of nutrients over time.

In a forest of trees, nature is providing those trees with mulch with the branches, twigs, and leaves falling to the ground. All of that will decompose and give food and habitat to grubs, worms, helpful insects, and beneficial microorganisms which will do their job making plenty of organic matter. See the similarity to mulch doing the same thing for your garden? After decomposition, this rich product brings a lot of beneficial insects to the site to improve the soil.

6. Mulch reduces erosion and protects the soil.

soil erosion
soil erosion will take all the good of a garden

Erosion is not anyone’s friend. It prevents the soil from keeping the nutrients that it needs and to keep water. Exposes the subsoil. If your garden is to survive and be healthy it needs your protection as the main priority.

7. Mulch makes the landscape look appealing and groomed.

Look at your garden after applying mulch, does it look more appealing? The garden is now ready to show off to friends and family. A neat and orderly layout of plants is accomplished. The whole garden is untidy if not mulched. Visit a botanical garden and see what a well-mulched garden will look like.

8. Mulch can be used as a garden path.

garden mulch path
garden mulch path makes it easy to visit your garden

You can now walk between the rows of flowers and vegetables with ease. After a good rain try walking thru the garden without mulch.

9. Mulch is eco-friendly and will save your energy, money, and time.

Imagine saving time not having to do a lot of weeding. Cuts back on water to save money. Cut back on buying products to feed the soil.

10. Mulch is a critical product to help with organic gardening.

Don’t start that garden for flowers or for vegetables without having a good amount of mulch on hand to apply.

mulched vegetable garden
mulched vegetable garden-beautiful

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