Organic Versus Non-Organic Whole Food

Organic vs Non Organic
Organic vs Non Organic

We will show here organic vs non-organic facts on food and then you can decide for yourself what is best. Organic food is renowned for having lower levels of toxic substances compared to non-organic food, which is why it is so attractive to consumers and is better for your health.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established an organic certification that is:

  • 100% Organic— Made entirely from organic materials has the organic seal.

    USDA organic seal
    USDA organic seal

  • Organic— At least 95% organic materials, with remaining ingredients that are approved by USDA, can have the organic seal.
  • Made With Organic Ingredients— At least 70% organic ingredients and can display 3 organic ingredients on the label. Cannot use the organic seal.
  • Non-Organic— If less than 70% organic ingredients, cannot be labeled as organic or use the USDA organic seal.

In fact, when walking past the fruit and vegetable aisle, you may notice that the non-organic fruit and vegetables almost look identical and uniform in appearance. However, when you look at the various organic offerings, you may notice that each vegetable or piece of fruit is quirky in their own right, with different imperfections, and this actually comes down to the fact that non-organic food is processed and often enhanced with growth substances – subsequently it is a debate that is currently raging in many countries.

Organic food has minimal enhancers present in the food and is strictly regulated which means that you are buying a better quality product compared to the non-organic range on offer.

However, there are other differences, which, include the level of pesticides used on non-organic food compared to the much healthier organic range, although this is heavily regulated and restricted.

The fact that any of these unhealthy substances can be used on the fruit and vegetables that we eat, only serves as a reminder that organic food is much healthier for us thanks to the strict procedures that have to be undertaken in ensuring that we get a quality product.

Not Just Fruit and Vegetables

organic milk
organic milk also is included as organic

Organic food isn’t just restricted to fruit and vegetables – indeed organic dairy, eggs, and meat have exploded in popularity in recent times. Organic meat for example, often means that the animals have to be fed exclusively on organic feed, which usually means none of the growth-enhancing hormones, artificial substances, and even antibiotics that are so prevalent in non-organic foods are used.

Organic food, unfortunately, it may not be within the reach of many consumers because of the marked difference in cost, compared to non-organic produce.

One downside to organic produce is that you may not be able to store it as long, which means it is unlikely to retain its freshness for as long as non-organic produce. This is due to the lack of preservatives on the food which is found in so much of the non-organic produce that we buy.

What If You Can’t Afford It

Organic food should be applauded, however, those who cannot afford to buy it will still receive the important nutrients that are so fundamental to our well-being from non-organic produce.

There are things that consumers can do to ensure that they are getting the best non-organic food, simply by looking out for a few things when buying and consuming produce.

For example, thoroughly washing fruit and vegetables will help to get rid of bacteria and even some of the pesticides which have been used on the food. While it won’t necessarily get rid of all trace elements, it will certainly help minimize the risk to health.

Provided that you always aim for your five a day, wash and clean vegetables, and try to buy non-organic food which is within the season, non-organic food is still healthy and will still provide essential nutrients.

eco friendly seal
eco friendly helps all of us

However, if you can afford to buy organic produce, not only will you be consuming something that is spared from additives, you will also be helping the environment thanks to the focus on sustainability and stricter farming practices.

My Personal Opinion

In my personal opinion, the healthiest option is organic – the question, however, is whether it will be more accessible to those who presently cannot afford in, in the future.
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