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Perennial Hostas
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Perennial Hostas Shade Plants Leaves Blue Hostas

We will look at some shade garden ideas that may be useful to you. Shade gardening is a type of gardening many new gardeners don’t think of because most seem to think that in order to have a beautiful blooming garden, you need to put plants in areas that get some sunlight. In fact, though, there are some shade-loving plants that are quite beautiful, and most of them create blooms of some kind or other as well. Many shade-loving plants also tend to have beautiful colors and textures on their leaves and stalks as well, which helps bring beauty and interest to a previously drab, dark, or boring area of your yard.

Variations of Sun or Shade

Shade gardening is not difficult at all, but it can seem a little tricky at first. And this is because there are varying levels of shade at any given time of the day. Some areas of your yard, for instance, may have filtered sunlight throughout most of the day instead of full shade. Other areas may seem to never see the sun at all, and still, others may have deep shade for most of the day, with bright direct sunlight for a small part of the day too. And these variations in the amount of sun or shade a given part of your yard has will determine the success or failure of your shade garden.

Filtered Sunlight

There are some shade loving plants which cannot tolerate any direct sun for instance, but they’ll do just fine with a bit of filtered sunlight each day. Other shade-loving plants though, prefer to grow in full, deep, dark shade all the time.

Best of All — Hostas

The best plants to put into a shady area of your yard and garden though, is called Hostas. These plants come in a wide variety of textures, colors, and sizes. Most of them create beautiful blooms too, but possibly one of the most interesting things about them is how they create such a wonderful display of color even when they don’t have any flowers in bloom.

Hostas are perennial plants, which means they live for many years. In fact, these plants actually get more beautiful as they age too because they tend to create gorgeous clumps of color that keep expanding and growing each year. Many types of hostas also show even more color as they get older too.

Hostas Prefer a Small Amount of Morning Sun

Hosta plants range from very small to very large, and though most will do just fine in a full, deep, dark shade, they tend to thrive best when they have at least a little morning sun, or some filtered sunlight throughout the day. Hostas will also grow quite well in containers too, so feel free to plant some for sprucing up the inside of your home, or the patio and porch areas too. We have looked at some shade garden ideas that may be useful to you, here a few more to consider.

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Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley

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