Superfoods That Fight Stress

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Stress levels can soar when you overbook your life with work and social activities. That’s when many people turn to fast food and vending machines for a little nourishment. After all, it takes time and effort to eat healthily.

You might be surprised to know that there are groups of “superfoods” that can fight hunger and stress and take very little to no preparation before eating. These unique foods can help to balance blood sugar and calm emotional responses that may increase your stress levels.

The five stress-busting superfoods include leafy green vegetables, berries, beets, garlic, and sweet potatoes. These helpful foods can be eaten raw or added to meals you’ve prepared to get the most out of their natural stress-relieving powers.

How “Going Green” Relieves Stress

When you think of the difference in what fast food and junk food do to your body, you should be even more impressed by what leafy green vegetables do for your body. Leafy greens such as spinach contain folate – a nutrient that produces a chemical called dopamine – which causes feelings of calm and pleasure in the brain.

Studies clearly show that those people who consumed large amounts of folate in their diets suffered much fewer depression symptoms than those who consumed the least. This is true especially in middle-aged to elderly people participating in the studies.

Toss leafy greens in a salad or cook them lightly by sautéing or boiling. You’ll lower your risk of depression while doing your body a big favor by consuming the healthy nutrients found in all leafy green veggies.

Today, all types and flavors of greens can be found at your local supermarket. It’s also healthy and relieves stress if you grow your own. If you don’t have a garden space you can choose from methods such as container or hydroponic gardening.

While you may not think of greens as a “comfort” food, it actually does have more of a lasting comfort effect than fast foods or rich, sugary goods. Only a cup of spinach gives you almost half of your daily requirements of magnesium – the essential mineral that helps balance cortisol and stimulates feelings of well-being.

Sneak some spinach in your eggs for a delicious omelet, sauté or steam it with some garlic and be sure to add it (or lettuce) to sandwiches. Kale “chips” are a healthy alternative to other snacks.

Simply wash and dry the kale leaves, arrange them on a baking sheet, sprinkle some garlic or other herbs over them and bake until crispy. The kids will never know they’re eating something healthy for them.

If you’re concerned about your stress levels and find it difficult to control your weight when you reach for junk food during your highest times of stress, try the sweet, yet healthy, snack or meal of these five stress-fighting superfoods.

Unfortunately, today’s population has moved away from nature’s way to fight stress in favor of the fast and crave-satisfying junk foods. Most plant-based foods contain the best stress-reducing components of raw vitamins and minerals, so those should be your food choices when you’re trying to fight the onset of stress.

In today’s world, stressful days are the norm, rather than the exception. Rather than resort to anxiety and depression pills to fight the stressful life you have, reach for the five super foods explained in this report.

These foods will help take the edge off a stressful day and provide a broad spectrum of vitamins and nutrients to help your body, increase your energy, and calm your mind. Fortunately, all of these foods are inexpensive and readily available at your local farmer’s market or food store.

It’s always best to choose organically-grown foods when you can – or grow your own. There are many methods today that let you plant and harvest in small spaces – or even indoors.

Find a way to get these five great superfoods into your diet plan each day and let go of the harmful foods that cause stress, fatigue, mood swings, and anxiety.

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