The Spiritual Connection of Sleep and Gardening

sleep and gardeningTo get a peaceful night’s sleep, you should have spiritual peace-of-mind. You don’t have to be religious to find peace – but you do have to immerse your senses in whatever makes your spirits and your mood soar.

The sense of healing and well-being that you get from being in the great outdoors can make all the difference in relaxing your body and mind so a good night’s sleep is easy to come by.

Being in tune with the universe comes from your thoughts and it’s difficult to be in a bad mood when gardening whether you’re potting an array of flowers on your patio or arranging savory herbs on a window sill, your body naturally relaxes.

If you’ve been chained to a computer or iPhone all day or week.

chained to computer

You’ll get a new perspective on life. Gardening can clear away the trivia from your mind and provide peace from the noisy and fast-moving world we live in today.

Gardening helps to get you in tune with your search for renewal, being one with the earth, and expanding our relationship with others. The seasons of gardening keep you in tune with life’s cycle – being born, planting seeds, harvesting, fighting diseases, and finally, dying.

Since each and every place on earth has its own climate and geology types, you can learn about gardening experiences in various places. Gardening in Australia is very different from gardening in the United States. The hemispheres are switched and even the seasons are vastly different.

With gardening, you learn about the evolution of gardens in other parts of the world if you want and to compare it with what you’re capable of in your own climate. It’s a learning experience that’s good for the mind and helps you become enthused about what you’re doing.

When you’re most happy and content is when you can get a good night’s sleep without even thinking about it. Gardening is for meditation, learning, creating, touching, tasting, and reveling in the wonders of nature.

How Gardening Helps Your Health and Your Sleep Patterns

A healthy body is more apt to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep than one filled with stress, overweight, stiff and sore, or on powerful medications. When your body is healthy, it’s much more likely your sleep will all into healthy patterns.

Gardening burns calories

burning calories gardeningHow many depends on how much work can be found in your garden. If you’re tending a window herb garden, you won’t likely burn as many calories as if you have a large vegetable garden outdoors.

But, there are many other gardening factors that contribute to your good health besides burning calories. For example, it may reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis in your later years.

Digging, planting and weeding or any repetitive activity requiring stretching or lifting keeps muscles and bones strong and keeps them from deteriorating so rapidly. Gardening may also reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis and other diseases, so a good night’s sleep is easier to come by.

Known as one of nature’s best stress-busters, gardening is a leisure activity that should help you release stress and relax without the hassle of going to a gym to get the same results.

Those who garden were found to have lower levels of cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone produced by your body during stressful times. The smell of flowers and being around their beauty may also have an impact on your happiness and even improve your desire for socialization.

Children who are allowed to play in the dirt during their early years are proven to have healthier immune systems than those whose parents were overly-concerned about getting dirty.

dirty kidsThe “dirty” kids were found to have fewer instances of eczema, allergies, and asthma as the years passed. Without the bother of these symptoms to wake you up constantly, you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

Vitamin D is one of the best reasons for gardening.

Vitamin D comes most abundantly from the sun and when you’re gardening, you’ll love the feeling of the warm rays that add so much to your health. Just make sure you pre-plan for times you might be subjected to sunburn.

Your health is vitally important to your sleep habits. The healing and calming powers of gardening help to keep you healthy – as does the warmth of the sun on a beautiful morning.

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