Tropical Gardening Design Ideas

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Pick Your Tropical Plants

Tropical Plant

Tropical gardens have become quite popular in more recent years because the plants that you can grow in this type of garden are full of gorgeous colors. Tropical plants often have a more unique look about them too, which makes them all the more appealing for areas of the country where everyone seems to plant the same things in their gardens.

Beneficials Are Attracted To Tropical Gardens

beneficial butterflies
Tropical gardens often attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds too, and this makes the garden all the more enjoyable throughout the year. Tropical gardens can contain a wide variety of plants, but some require lots of heat while others require lots of water.


Most Admired Plant Here is The Bougainvillea

Some tropical garden plants such as bougainvillea, thrive on irregular watering patterns. The bougainvillea plant, for example, is natural in areas of the world where there could be pouring rain for weeks, then months of dry spells. You can mimic these conditions when growing bougainvillea plants in your tropical garden by watering them really well for a week or two, then not watering them for at least a month. You’ll find that these tropical plants seem to bloom best when they’ve been stressed or kept dry for extended periods of time.

Bougainvillea plants can be grown in a variety of ways too. Most varieties will climb as a vine in the right conditions and with the right care, but these plants can also be shaped and pruned into small shrubs and bushes too. Bougainvillea plants have hook-like thorns on them which can hurt if you’re stabbed by them, but these thorns are what allow the plant to climb fences and trellises, and create a gorgeous display of color.

Bougainvillea tends to create tiny flowers that most people miss. The flowers are surrounded by paper-thin bracts which bloom in a variety of bold, beautiful colors, and most people think these bracts are the actual flowers of the plant. The flowers themselves though, are tiny and located inside the bracts.

Other Excellent Plants
Esperanza and Spanish Broom are two more excellent plants to put into a tropical garden. These plants do quite well in really dry gardens too, because they’re both heat and drought tolerant, which makes these beautiful plants quite hardy and tough. Despite their toughness though, both of these plants produce gorgeous, bright showy yellow flowers that bloom continuously from spring through fall.

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