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gardeningThese folks are giving me their thoughts and wishes on this organic gardening website. Thanks to all.

James, I thoroughly enjoyed clicking around your site. It is well-organized and very easy to navigate.

The topics are well-chosen and the writing informative and clear.

I like your mix of images and text. It looks lively and is quite lovely.

I like the way you’ve placed your categories menu in your site’s sidebar. It keeps the header menu clear.

You might want to consider using excerpts on your home page rather than rolling with the complete posts. It might provide more of a smorgasbord effect, with an array of posts for your users rather than their having to slog through each and every one of your posts.

I like the direction your efforts are taking you. Keep on!

Hi James, I love the fact that you paid special attention to Kids and the importance of exposing them at an early age to the wonders of nature. Indeed hydrophonics is amazing.

The choice of images you have are captivating, driving home the message of your content and creating the feeling of actual gardening.

I will definitely come back to your site to learn more as i also love nature and gardening. Best Regards.

I absolutely suck at gardening, however, your content, and easy to follow steps have made me feel hopeful! Great work.

The images and use of colours on your website are great too.

The science and chemistry of it all was very interesting to read. Thanks!

Hello James! I must say, you’re my kind of guy! I love gardening and aquaponics though the only problem is I don’t have enough space in my backyard. But if I did, I want to grow my own food and raise my own fish and chickens too.

Great website! If I were to improve on it, I would set the blog to show only 1 at a time because seldom do readers scroll all the way to the bottom. Even better if you break it up in categories like Hydroponics Category, Soil Category, Tips and Tricks Category, etc …

Your links open in the same window. Ideally, they open on a new window so it doesn’t take readers away from your site.

I really like your content!

Provides lot of info about subject, interesting and pleniful content. Photos are colourful and eye catching. Good use of film throughout the site to provide more info.

Your thought in the back of this web page is very tremendous and I have to affirm to you that you have a exact starting point. Keeps the top work rolling and you will fine job from your stop my friend. Your site caught my interest due to the fact I was able to examine few of your article and I locate that they are full of first-class content material at the same time it provide solution to one problem or the other. Meanwhile you will see that your web page will increase in ranking soon and this will additionally attract free and organic visitors.

Hey, nice website there about gardening and I hope you make loads of money on your gardening business. I hope you get a lot of people buying your gardening products on your website. I hope you all the best for your success and all the best. I love the contents, keywords, images of the gardens and the set up of your website. Your website looks very professional that can bring more people in.

The website is very clean and well made. It is very easy for me to see where the content is and can pick out what I would like to read.

ok, as a nature and plants lover, I like the green colour all over!! good choice.

I find your articles interesting and there are lots of good information. The Hummingbirds article was lovely! Good social media access. The site is beautiful, good job.

I love your website. The whole thing has lots of green and white, which is perfect for your niche. The layout is easily navigable, the font is easy to read, images match the written material.

Hi James! I was on your website few hours back to check how things are going there. To tell you the truth I loved your website and I gave you 100 %. you have a good niche for your website and all your website sidebars are utilized very well with lots of content, keep working.

I really liked the layout of your website and the simplicity of it.

The pictures we just beautiful. They were clear, sharp and vivid. I to am a gardener and I really enjoyed your content.

One thing I did notice was you didn’t have a clear CTA or call to action when the reader got to your affiliate links.

I wish you much success and I thank you for sharing you experience in gardening on your website.

These are just a few suggestions and might only be my own personal opinion of your website, so feel free to ignore them if not relevant:

– first of all, I like the clean and simple layout of your website. It is easy to navigate and I like the colour green!

– Have you considered adding a logo? I think it would look really nice in the header.

– I like the way you have added relevant images and videos to your posts. I have watched some of Jay’s weekly live trainings and he suggested to have images either centered or aligned to the right which helps with readability.

– have you considered a contacts page so your readers can contact you in case they have questions?

– this will be covered in the training and you might not be at this step yet, but it is suggested to create another username, other than admin, to make it more personal and easier for people to relate to the content you are writing

– I would suggest to disable comments on the affiliate disclosure and privacy policy pages.

– my suggestion is to disable ‘recent comments’ in the side bar until you receive your first comments. Comments also help with SEO. You might like to consider using the SiteComments platform here.

Overall, a great website and very informative. And please let me know if you have any questions.

Well done!

Hi James

Thank you for creating such a wonderful site. Here are some of my thoughts:


* The site is rich with ideas, tips and tricks and amazing photos – I couldn’t stop clicking;

* As a first-time visitor, I felt your site was very inviting, organised and easy to find information on a particular topic (easy to navigate);

* I liked how you have gone to the trouble of setting up some good category choices for visitors to investigate organic gardening further.

* Your ‘About James’ page is great – very genuine, personal and engaging and it is clear that you are speaking on this topic from the heart. Don’t change a thing!


* Whilst the title ‘Organic Gardening Data’ accurately reflects the nature of the site, you may want to think about a name that is not so technical-sounding (ie. using the word ‘data’), which can turn some people off reading further because they may think there is a whole lot of scientific data inside. You could simply shorten the title to ‘Organic Gardening’ or maybe ‘Sustainable Living from your Garden’ to appeal to a broader audience.

* On the topic of ‘organic’, as you build your brand, you may need to be careful that you distinguish yourself from other sites/businesses that are promoting certified organic foods and products. There is a growing audience out there who are searching for places to either purchase genuine organic foods and products or learn a particular organic growing methodology, such as Rudolph Steiner’s Biodynamics, for their own DIY purposes. Without trying to be glib or dismissive, your site is essentially about how to garden conventionally, better. I know this sounds weird but there will be some people out there who will be confused by your offering because they want gardening advice about foods grown ‘organically’ (ie. certified no pesticides, zero carbon footprint, fauna-friendly, etc.), not conventional gardening advice which they associate with chemicals, genetic modification of food crops, etc. This could impact on your brand.

* Check and recheck grammar before posting – some of your posts went a little astray in places.

* Be careful with background colour choices and text – it is hard to read the white text on a bright green background. You may be better to keep it clean and just use standard black text on a white background. Easier on the eye, particularly when a lot of your photos will also have a lot of colour in them.

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