The Wonderful World of Organic Gardening

Organic Garden

A place where your harvest is safe


Organic Gardening Data will explain and show how organic gardens will be set up and maintained for maximum production. If you would like to have a healthy vegetable garden, the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, and the most gorgeous flowers anybody has seen. Then you have come to the right place. My objective here is put you on to the correct and safest way possible to achieve your goals in organic gardening.

Your Soil

humus Rich soil
Rich soil is good because it has nutrients. If the plant gets nutrients the plant will grow.Photo by Tess Watson

Learn to improve your soil’s quality, get the correct nutrients for healthy plants of all kinds. For example, use molasses in the soil to feed the beneficial microorganisms. To have extra green plants try seaweed that will stimulate their roots and add much-needed nutrients. These are a must-have in organic gardening.

Organic Fertilizers

Medina organic fertilizer growin green
One of the best products on the market for organic gardening

How to use and when to apply organic fertilizers. Apply seaweed once a month as a supplement. Honey or molasses can be applied anytime to feed the microbes.

USDA hardiness zones map
by USDAgov

When to Plant
Would you like to know when to plant your gardens? A hardiness zone map and appropriate dates for first and last frost in your area. Small things like this are a surefire step to obtain that perfect garden and lawn.


I have put together an organic gardening glossary to explain what each garden term means. This is my compilation of terms.


solutions for all pest control
man spraying a pesticide on some plants in his garden

Remedies to take care of those nasty weeds, insects, and diseases. Funny how weeds seem to grow better than the gardens.

Cook Book

measuring cup follow dilution instructions
be sure to follow dilution instructions from the manufacture.

Like a cookbook, we have put in here to help follow those directions on labels with rate dilutions, rate charts, and rate comparisons.

Fertilizer List

Now you will find out what some of the common organic fertilizers are and what their function is. Examples are bone meal, greensand and fish emulsion.

That’s not all, there is so much more to learn here.

Best of all

a happy organic farmer
smiles from a happy organic gardener

Have a good time going through all this data that will make you a more savvy gardener. Good Luck!

How To Grow a FULLY Organic Vegetable Garden–video.

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