Soil is Poor? Build Up Your Garden Soil

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Getting started with a new garden with an on the job training (OJT) method is the best, learn by trying to build up your garden soil. The gurus of today were once learning from scratch. You need more than planning to get there, Your action is required. Start with a couple of plants after you use that shovel and dig up the dirt. The quality of your soil will be your main goal by mulching and composting in the garden. Another OJT function.

Plants will reward you when you provide a good home. Successful food growing is best accomplished by soil that is healthy and organic. The healthy and organic soil will provide beneficial organisms like nematodes, fungi, bacteria along with worms that will till the soil for you. To make healthy soil, because of its complexity, you will need to be cautious. By using harmful pesticides that will kill all helpful organisms in the soil, reverses the full benefit you have tried to accomplish. I have come up with some methods that are organic and are a money-back guarantee to improve the soil for better production.


manure used in compost building pile
manure used in compost building pile
  • Used properly and in composting can be very helpful.
  • What a bargain, farmers and ranchers will gladly give all you want.
  • All their stock will be great for the soil organisms and for the plants themselves.
  • Microbial life is running rampant there.


Do it yourself (DIY) compost

compost bin in 3 sections will allow rotation
compost bin in 3 sections will allow rotation
  • Using recycled waste.
  • It hastens the making and enriching of soil humus.
  • To improve its makeup and get much-needed nutrients to your soil, add compost.
  • Use and enclosed compost bin or just pile up in the corner of the garden to make compost.


Compost from Worms

Worm compost
Worm compost is made with loving care.
  • A choice rich in soil life.
  • They will speed up the overall process of composting.
  • You will call them your best helpers.



Bokashi composting developed by the Japanese
Bokashi composting developed by the Japanese
  • An organic waste fermentation process like silage used by the Japanese.
  • You are allowed to put organic waste and meat in your compost bin.
  • It needs to placed in a small space and with proper handling it will not smell very much.
  • Google it.


Cover Crops

Cover Crops Green Foliage
Cover Crops Green Foliage an example of this helpful plant
  • A crop planted, for the most part, to manage and improve a system made by the interacting of a community of organisms with their physical environment.
  • They protect the soil from wind erosion.
  • It furnishes good effect on the texture of the soil.
  • Combats weeds, insects, and diseases.



Vegetable garden with mulch
Vegetable garden with mulch is mother natures blanket
  • A blanket to protect the soil surrounding plants while enhancing the growth of plants.
  • Mulch will enrich the soil after time it will decompose into compost.
  • This blanket keeps soil moist, cool, and weed free.
  • Mulch is made of cut up leaves, straw, and grass clippings to name just a few materials.


Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizae fungus
Mycorrhizae fungus helps plants with nutrients and water
  • This fungus in the soil will keep water available as well as provide needed nutrients.
  • It is sold in good nurseries and online under that name.


Here we have covered several organic methods to use to build up your garden soil. Here you go, 7 very good options to use and get all the healthy vegetables and fruits you know are safe to eat.

In this video, I have compared real life and soil life to help us understand how the soil should be maintained. Leave comments or suggestions below. Just 2:55 minutes for this video.

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