Why Mulching Is Important

When you have plants of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees a lot of beginners to gardening ask ‘why mulching is important’ they do not realize how crucial the use of mulch is to the survival of the plants. No matter what type of garden you have whether it is a container, vegetable, flower gardens, or shrubs and trees it is a must to have mulch and it will help in several ways.

1. Lowering the use of water. To save water and keep the plant’s roots with sufficient water – use mulch. Concerning water, just a thin layer of nature’s blanket (mulch) will cut down on moisture leaving the soil surface. Denser mulches may cut water usage by as much as 50%.

2. Controlling the weeds. Having mulch down this will prevent or at least slow down the growth of weeds. Even if a few eventually pop through they will be easy to see and pull out of the ground.

3. Protecting against the cold. Placing mulch in your garden will protect against freezes that will usually kill many plants. People living even in zones 10 sometimes get a freeze and this would prevent a loss of their plants.

4. Keeping the soil from drying. A good layer of mulch will ensure that the soil will retain moisture a lot longer time.

5. Improving soil. This means that you need to use organic mulches that decompose to contribute organic matter to the soil.

Many sorts of mulch add another layer of good looks and quality to your garden beds too. On the market now nurseries have safe colored mulch that will enhance the looks of your garden. For the benefit of the plants though try to use mulch that is made from local items shredded up like wood from trees and bushes growing in your area.

There is an ample assortment of materials that can be used for mulching your garden.

1. Some very good organic materials are wood chips, shavings or bark from trees growing in your area shredded, the smaller the better. Because wood is an organic material, it will slow decomposition and be blended into your garden soil, leaving more vitamins and nutrients for many years to come.

2. Grass clippings or dried leaves from your trees each autumn are also outstanding natural items to use for mulching your plants and flowers. Some believe straw and hay are the best to use especially alfalfa. As these are organic materials, they’ll add to the general richness and produce abundantly and sustain vigorous and luxuriant growth in your soil as they decompose.

3. A lot of people like to use mulch materials that can last for many years at a time like some popular ones that are plastic and rubber material made from recycled tires. These frequently come in the form of circular rings for placing under trees and bushes with ease. Some even use small chunks of rubber.

4. Rocks, stones, and pebbles can work as mulch also since dressing the plain soil around your flowers and plants with pebbles or rocks functions the same purpose of holding moisture and forbidding weed growth. Remember though these items can heat up faster and higher than other types.

5. Snow is one the best mulches of them all, as it can let you grow plants that would not last through the winter in areas without snow farther south

Though traditionally, most mulches were made to both shield from danger the plants and flowers while feeding and improving the soil. Mulching permits you to rehash nature’s products to better your garden, really nothing is wasted, and in the action, your garden will appear greener and more healthy.

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